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Once upon a time, we started a tipi campsite - the first one in the UK - and then about 10 years later you started asking if you could have outside weddings here. It took us a moment, but then it was crikey -  why didn't we think of this before! A tipi wedding, woodland wedding, camping wedding, festival wedding - it could hardly be more perfect! The idea of you using our beautiful woods and glorious lake for your day of days was clearly spot on, and now nearly 10 years later we're established as one of the UK's top outdoor wedding venues. Hurrah!

So what we didn't do was jump on a bandwagon; we were in at the off with outdoor weddings, and we're actually from here (farmers - too long to mention) & have grown our family business organically over the last 20 years (yes, sometimes slower than we'd have liked) into something to be proud of. Our long experience of Glastonbury & other festivals means the festival vibe is real - not a marketing phrase -  although we'll always balance carefully what you want to do with our responsibilities to our neighbours and the wider community. This means when you get married here you are dealing with real people in a real place, and we'll respond to you personally in everything we do. 

We're all about the wildly romantic outdoor wedding - and we're the closest you can get to a legal outdoor wedding in the UK. If you're dreaming of a green wedding, wedding by water or the best outdoor venue you can find then you've come to the right place. Our wood, willow and canvas Pavilion isn't on a manicured lawn but really outdoors; by a clear brook & under a canopy of oak and ash. Our secret valley is 5 minutes from the wild Atlantic coast with a matchless backdrop of woodland and sky, shimmering lake water and magical Cornish earth. Declaring your love in front of family and friends is big stuff; whether you choose to make it country boho or festival cool is up to you - you do the pretty stuff & we do all the rest...

Lake & Woods

Wander across the stream over little wooden bridges to a wooded dingly dell, brilliant blue with bells in April/May and a palette of greens the rest of the season. This is where you can hang Chinese lanterns & bunting for really pretty after ceremony shots, or guests can just come & sit on little benches by the stream pool.

One lake wedding had the couple exchanging vows on a floating pontoon we moored in the middle of the lake. Their musicians were hidden by high up trees, and music floated across the water to the guests was a real light, camera, action kind of wedding - and it was quite a show.

Another couple asked every guest to come forwards & throw a handful of fresh rose petals onto the lake at the end of their ceremony, and another got everybody (well, those that were up for it...) to jump into the water with them afterwards - everybody's different!


Your vision might be a fairy glade; a Midsummer Night's Dream beside woodland and stream while fiddle and flute play you past banks of foxglove and wild rose. There are children with posies as you walk hand in hand to a big tent filled with food and flowers.

Or just wow everybody with a full-on fiesta vibe with pro-fire jugglers and festival flags, and giant avenues of flowers that burst into colour as night falls. Or go bold Bollywood; style in hot pinks, saffron and red with low seating and glittering saris, or English country house; afternoon tea served on vintage china under swags of retro bunting.

Our beautiful valley and wild woods are perfect for Mad Hatter tea parties, Swallows and Amazons adventures, darker tales of steampunks & black-feathered Morris Men, or inter-galactic Ewoks and Vulcans as sci-fi as you can handle...anything is possible!  When dusk comes use the pure waters of our lake to float night lights across the lakewater in your own private Festival of Light.


To arrange a show round of our venue or for further information contact us by:


Telephone: 01208 880781



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