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Your ceremony is designed to flow like a river - gently and smoothly, even around unexpected obstacles. I prefer to work in the outdoors where connecting with nature and being environmentally aware enhances the delivery, content and ambiance, suffusing it with a different kind of meaning.



For me less wins out over more. Ceremonies and rituals don’t need to be too complicated, merely significant and honest. A rite of passage marks a change in life or direction and simplicity allows for deeper meaning and dignity.



Because all my ceremonies start and end with your wishes, they are uniquely crafted to your needs. They are threaded through with heartfelt sentiments, imbued with spirituality, depth, solemnity and dignity.


Daisy Chain Weddings offer you the opportunity to get really creative. Our first meeting will mean we can get to know one another, I can find out what your vision is, and I can also offer some ideas concerning rituals that might fit in with your plans.

I will also give you some guidelines about how the ceremony runs.


You will need to think about your vows – Are you going to write your own or download them? I will leave you with a questionnaire which I would ask you to fill in on your own with and return it to me – this helps me get an individual viewpoint as well as talking to you together. It also helps to put the structure of the ceremony together.


We will meet regularly during the writing process either face to face or via Skype and changes can be made as necessary. Only when you are both happy with that copy will I create the final script and I will give you up to three free copies after the ceremony.


For more information contact Alison by:

Telephone: 07934 972862



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