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So what do we actually do? We are a bespoke styling and event management service. As our name suggests, we look after all the fiddly bits of your event, once you have booked your venue, your caterer, your celebrant and your band etc, that is where we come in. We look after all things small and fiddly from centre pieces, to tablecloths to chair ties, to gift tables and everything in between. We can also point you in the right direction for the big things too!


How does it work? The first step is to book a consultation. We will meet to discuss the details of your event and what you would like us to do for you. After we have asked you approximately 1000 questions (we really do want to get to know you!). Then we go away and create a mood board. This will be sent to you to approve. Each consultation price includes one change (there can be as many changes within that as long as we have them all at once). Once we have agreed on what we are doing then we will write up an itemised list of everything we will provide and the price - this will form your contract. When everyone is happy and that is signed we will proceed with the fun bits. After this the hard part on your end is done! We will take it from there so you are free to concentrate on everything else. 

Other than the hire section, you will notice that there are no prices anywhere, this is because we will work to your budget. Each event is individual just like you and we want to reflect that in your bespoke event solution. Sounds fancy huh. 

A bit about my background


Alongside a degree in events management, I have over a decade of experience in the events industry. (That's me over there - sadly not always found drinking Prosecco in Italy). 


My passion has always been in creating beautiful details, I love tailoring events to my clients individual style and taste - especially when it comes to weddings. I understand that each event is so special and so I put my heart and soul into creating something super beautiful that I know you will love. This year I took the plunge, quit my job and here we are, Fiddly Bits is born! 

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