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As your Celebrant, I’m exclusively yours for the ceremony. I’m there to make sure you enjoy your day and that things go as planned; I won’t need to rush off to be elsewhere.


Firstly, we’ll start by getting to know each other! I love meeting up, finding out about you, what you’d like for your special day, listening to your ideas and building a strong rapport. I will then send you a questionnaire, after which, we’ll catch up again and you can tell me more about yourselves, how you met and what you would like to include in the ceremony. Now for the exciting part! I will go away and create a wonderfully crafted script, for your ceremony, so that I can share your love story with all your family and friends.

To make really special, you can add your own vows, poems or speeches, as well as a Handfasting, or Candle Ceremony; Jumping the Broom, Breaking the Glass or Pirith Nool.

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For further information and to discuss your big day please contact us by:  


Tel : 07973444664

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Photo credit: Lauren Marchant Photography

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Photo credit: Lauren Marchant Photography

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