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When it comes to the all-important dining service for your special day you of course deserve the best, and that is what the fine team of specialist roasters from Spitting Pig are going to bring you.

Specialist Dining For Your Special Day

Spitting Pig is a team of extremely capable caterers that have provided the best roast dining experiences to all manner of events all across the country for well over 25 years. Weddings are some of our favourite events to serve as they cover all that we love in catered dining. They are massively special occasions that demand the utmost in style, elegance, even spectacle and high-end service.

For a team of passionate caterers, as you’ll find at Spitting Pig, that kind of challenge is hugely exciting!

And our unique brand of dining, we find, is very well served for such requirements as weddings demand. Our name itself provides a clue to what Spitting Pig is all about. Our work primarily revolves around the hog roast. This is a one-of-a-kind dining experience that goes brilliantly with a wedding service as it brings together all the hallmarks of event dining we’ve previously discussed.

In its authentic form, hog roasting allows a whole pig to roast for many hours, slowly roasting so that the pig is allowed to get that wonderful golden-bronze crisp colouring across the whole pork skin, while the meat inside retains its tenderness and comes bursting with intensive flavour right the way throughout the entire pig.

Dining That Does More

This immense culinary display - done fresh at your wedding, should you so wish – is as stylish as it is delicious to feast on. Guests get a great kick out of seeing this unique display of fiery, aromatic culinary brilliance, and the tastes more than match the look as our finished hog roast comes ready to serve all your guests on its own – and that’s before you get to all the delicious accompaniments we also have available!

We see the dining portion of your wedding as an added experience of its own that is going to really bring the best out of your reception. Our hog roast is but just one way that we create this fully event-like experience; with Spitting Pig there are so many more options to really create the special day that you have long sought.

Thanks to the brilliance of our own-designed roasting machines, our chefs are capable of producing a whole host of delicious dishes for your dining pleasure. Be it a beef or turkey roast, a grilled barbecue, light canapes for welcoming your guests in, a refreshing dining experience for an outdoor reception, a bountiful buffet of mixed selections, or a high-end set course dining experience, Spitting Pig is confident that we can find the foods that you’re craving.

You want your first meal as a wedded couple to really be special, and this is one dining experience that will ensure so. Our foods come made from high-grade locally reared and sourced meats and ingredients, and you will also find that we make every dish fresh on-site at an extremely high standard for the best tastes.

By choosing Spitting Pig, you will be welcomed in by our extremely friendly team who will be more than excited to start talking about a range of options for your upcoming wedding. All it takes is one call or message today to get started to bring specialist dining to your special day!

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