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Schuggies Ceilidhs
(it’s pronounced Kay-Leas btw)

Covering the whole of the UK including the Channel islands.
Multi Award Winning Scottish style ceilidhs with a contemporary twist

If you're looking for serious, stuffy and formal wedding entertainment then Schuggies Ceilidhs isn’t the supplier for you. If you are looking for unique entertainment that’s social, inclusive and fun- then you are on the right page.

If you want to skip to the good part here are the links. Shouldn’t it all be this easy?

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Starting with my Solo Ceilidh DJ package, which is ideal where space at your venue might be tight- or let's face it you want to spend your budget on other parts of your wedding. All the dances are called so nobody needs to know what to do and I host the evening for you - making sure your guests will be raving about your wedding for years to come.

My live ceilidh band option includes everything in my solo package as well as three musical bandits. Usually a fiddler, guitar player and drummer.

This is my signature ceilidh experience from before your guests arrive,  right the way through to last orders and carriages.

Then you have my Whole of the Moon package which includes the live band and a host of Unique Additions for your big day such as a Bagpiper, Highland dancers,  novelty hats and a self-service glitter bar. There are some other additions on the list so worth checking out and asking about them during your ceilidh chat. You can of course pick and mix those additions to tailor the day the way you want. These prices don’t get bumped up the moment you mention the big W word either.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

My son is a transgender man in his early twenties so I’m acutely aware of the
challenges still being faced in this day and age. I want to make sure my LGBTQ+
couples are aware of how great this type of entertainment is, especially if the thought
of a disco fills them with dread. I want them to have a day their guest will rave about
for years to come.

Okay, you're saying to yourself- BUT what is a ceilidh
I've borrowed this description of a ceilidh from a Photographer who captured a
wedding Ceilidh I hosted down on a small barn in the Peak District in October 2022.
It sums up how much fun you can have at a ceilidh where I host and call all the dances.

A ceilidh is probably the most inclusive dancefloor you could have
It doesn’t matter how many of them you’ve done before, or if you’ve done none at all.
The person calling the dances tells everyone what they need to do, and keeps it going.
Everyone dances with everyone, whether you know each other or not.

Schuggies Logos.jpg

Want to have a chat before committing? Give me a bell and if I'm not available, leave a message.

Telephone: 01332 498839





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