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Our Romantic, Intimate & Historic Chapel Hosts Weddings That Capture the Imagination

City Wall Tower weddings and events are held in the “Zoar Chapel” –  The historic Grade II listed English Heritage Monument building was once called ‘Zoar Chapel’ as the word ‘Zoar’ means ‘small’ so “Small Chapel” – Which is exactly what this gorgeous little chapel is.

Licensed to hold up to 80 guests this intimate venue is perfect for smaller or micro weddings!

Now run under the name “City Wall Tower” as a licensed civil ceremony wedding & events venue. The Chapel is indeed a tower built into the city wall.  While the city wall foundations of the tower are thought to date from around 1140, the actual tower and stonework of the tower that creates the main chapel where you would be married in are most likely late 14th Century.

Brimming with history, the chapel stands on the site of an original medieval tower, called a bastion tower, built as part of the medieval defences of the city in the late 14th century.

Its varied and interesting past continued when the tower became the City Conduit and water supply for Canterbury City for nearly a quarter of a century from 1801 to 1825.

The old water tower was eventually sold by the City Council to the Strict Baptists in 1845 and renamed “Zoar Chapel”.

But we think it should have been renamed “Lucky Chapel” as then during the 18th & and 19th centuries huge parts of the city walls were knocked down as Canterbury grew needing more roads and buildings, but the chapel survived. Even when German bombing caused further damage during the Second World War the chapel luckily survived intact!

Now run under the name “City Wall Tower” licensed by Kent County Council as a civil ceremony wedding venue, it also has a resident Celebrant for non-legal weddings and blessings. The Chapel is licensed to hold up to 80 guests and is a quirky, intimate, alternative wedding venue, perfect for small or micro weddings!

The chapel also provides the perfect flexible project space for all types of events.


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