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It's a nice day for a white wedding... or something a little bit different?

If the word ‘traditional’ makes you want to turn on your leopard print loafers and run for the hills, Malmaison might just be the place for you.

A stuffy reception room and half a bottle of wine per head might be okay for some, but we do things differently. Imaginative canapés, master mixologists, eccentric interiors... everyone’s love story is unique, and we’re here to celebrate that in everything that we do.

A little bird once told us that the way to someone’s heart was through their taste buds. We have a collection of menus ready for you to fall in love with that range from the lavish to the laid back and provide the perfect complementary option to your occasion, your personal preference, and of course, your budget.

Whether you go for the subtly sophisticated, or bold and bursting with imaginative flavour combinations, we have the tailor-made solution that’s right for your wedding day.

After all, Mal be the food of love.

With various meeting and event spaces available, Malmaison Birmingham is the perfect venue for corporate events, social functions, and personal celebrations such as weddings. Our experienced events team will ensure that your meeting or event is tailored to your needs and that everything goes off without a hitch.

Contact the venue:

Call us on: 01217943004




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