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Now, join your hands, and with your hands, your hearts...


As a wedding venue deep inside the ancient Cornish landscape, Pengersick Castle offers you a celebration beyond the realms of the traditional. Joining together inside these historic Tudor surroundings, this hidden castle will go beyond your expectations, making a unique venue for a wedding in Cornwall.


Available exclusively to you when hired, Pengersick Castle and its gardens ensure complete privacy on your day. Offering you and up to 38 guests the opportunity to step back in time, Pengersick lets you experience a day in your own castle and tower.


Beautiful rolling countryside and the Cornish coastline provide stunning backdrops for wedding photography high on the tower parapet. While the landscaped, walled gardens provide open space for you and your guests to mingle, relax and appreciate the historic surroundings.


Our events planners will look after you and your guests throughout your celebration, so you all enjoy your timeless, special day.

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The Gun Room
The Solar Room
The Drawing Room

Remote, rocky headlands, sandy beaches, quiet coves, and the endless ocean at your feet, Pengersick
Castle in the West of Cornwall is hardly touched by the modern world.

Built-in the 1520s, the castle’s granite tower once dominated the farmland below, a collection of small
shacks and fishermen’s cottages. The Lord of Pengersick was master of all he could see, and the times
were lawless. Smugglers ran a thriving brandy business with Brittainy, and pirates of the Barbary Coast
were never far away. In Cornwall’s darker past, wreckers were rife:

The castle was a defensive structure with crenelated battlements around the roof and slots where you
could attach your portable cannon, but these days our drop-slot in the stone arch above the massive oak
door is used to strew confetti rather than scald pirates storming the castle.

Pengersick’s sweeping stone staircase will lead you up the tower to the roof and soaring views across
the beach village of Praa Sands, then down to the gun room on the lower floor, now a romantic dining
room set amongst the silent suits of armour and flickering candlelight. Relax in front of a roaring fire
before drifting asleep to the sounds of the sea in an authentic sixteenth-century four-poster bed.

Beloved by writers, artists and poets, West Cornwall has always been a magical place. No wonder that
film and TV crews can be seen most summers. Look westwards across Cudden Point to Prussia Cove
where Ladies in Lavender and Summer in February were filmed. Look east towards Rinsey Head and
Poldark country, and see the headland of Lizard Point where Fishermen’s Friends began, a successful
2019 movie and now a musical. Most recently the Game of Thrones prequel at St. Michael’s Mount, just
five miles away.

Even more recently Hallmark Films used Pengersick Castle as the location for a literary festival in a
the romantic film set in Cornwall called ‘Presence of Love” starring Eloise Mumford, Julian Morris, Samantha
Bond and Anand Desai-Barochia.

If you love history, let your imagination run wild in the 500-year-old castle and the five acres of grounds
that have been occupied since the Bronze Age.

Pengersick Castle is a very special place, and perfect for your special day.

We say “Here’s a Tudor Castle, come and play with it. Your special day is our speciality”

We’re also delighted to offer you the use of Pengersick Castle for other ceremonies as well. If you have legally married or formed a partnership elsewhere beforehand, you’re welcome to use any space within the Castle estate to continue your celebration.


As a legal registrar is not required for these ceremonies, your individual words can form the basis of a truly unique commemoration between both of you, your guests and your celebrant. For more information on our recommended celebrants please click here.


Further ceremonies are also held at Pengersick Castle, such as naming or renewal of vows ceremonies, to name just two. Please contact our event organisers. who will be happy to give you further advice to fulfilling your requirements?


For more information contact us:


Phone: 01736 763 973 




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