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Welcome to Dapper & Suave

Rob and Jason are makers and stylists with a background in retail who create fun and quirky accessories from pocket squares, bow ties and cravats to hair accessories and more.


“We established our business in 2015, blogging about mixing vintage with high street fashion.

Our best friend spotted a photo of us on social media and commented how Dapper & Suave we looked, and our brand name was born.

Our passion and creativity have inspired us to ensure that whatever the day, everyone can:

Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well!

Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well!

We both enjoy helping you to find your own style and have learned from talking to our customers that there is a scale of confidence from a small quirky accessory to full-on “peacocking”!


We can give advice on styling to ensure everyone has a chance to shine on their big day, from holding the flowers to the conversational accessories we hand-make.


We can work with you to find bespoke designs to suit the occasion, be that matching or contrasting. Our only rule is that we don’t do plains as colour and pattern drive our brand.


We have created everything from a bowtie for a newborn baby to peacock feather hair clips inspired by our lapel accessories being worn by the grooms, so do get in touch!”


We proudly make all our accessories by hand, in quirky and fun prints.​

We stock a range of vintage bow ties and have collaborated with artists to publish a small range of inspirational cards, story books and badges

For more information contact us by:

Tel: 07757 760042



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