Hi I’m Gemma,

A Surrey based Wedding photographer and lover of all things “weddingy”

I photograph weddings all over the UK, telling your whole story from start to finish ensuring the narrative of your Wedding day is captured. I love to produce meaningful images with minimal posing that recreate the feelings you experienced on your special day. I adore working with natural light and creating amazing images that encapsulate you as individuals and as a couple.


I do specialise in LGBTQ+ couples and although I don’t have a rainbow lens, I am a part of the LGBTQ+ world myself, and am passionate about helping everyone  in love to celebrate!


Whilst, as my portfolio shows, I am happy to photograph ALL weddings, all photographers have a passion, and when I’m working in my passion the results are amazing.

If your day is focused on having the best day of your lives with your favourite people, I am the perfect photographer for you. I’m the wedding photographer people come to when they want the emphasis to be on capturing those special moments, whether it be the subtle look between two people in love or the joy of a true belly laugh.

I also know that weddings, whilst a celebration, can have one or two tricky bits when you’re in an LGBTQ+ relationship, and there are many issues around marriage equality for us to deal with worldwide. I am sensitive to these as your photographer and ensure that the results will align with your want for a quiet, safe, special moment…or your big gay rainbow.

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“Love is just a word until a photograph brings it to life”

You have finally found the love of your life, your true love and your best friend.

You have both spent months (maybe years) planning your big day. You have thought about every detail and if you’re anything like me have probably spent countless nights lying awake worrying about all the ways it can go horribly wrong? If this sounds like you then you have come to the right place. Let me worry about capturing the love between you both so you can have the best day of your lives, after all that’s my job and what I’m good at.


I have the ability to capture emotive and powerful moments and tell a story of what it felt like to be there. In years to come it’s the photographs that recreate the feelings you felt on the day and remind you of those subtle glances, heightened emotions and occasional tears.


Your day should be about you two and having the best time of your lives with your family and friends. I’m there to capture that, to do things your way so you have images that truly represents you two as a couple. If I am honest I’m not a huge fan of forcing people into awkward poses, however I will suggest jumping over a fence to get to an awesome field of poppies (if you’re up for it?). I have found the best way to create beautiful images is to let you be you! I simply follow you around and make the odd suggestion to elevate your photos.

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This is your love story, your grand adventure and I’m on your team to create awesome images that capture your “happily ever after”.

On a serious note with over 17 years working as an oncology and palliative care nurse, I really do know the importance of capturing those special moments that you cherish forever. I still practice as a nurse and am now in the privileged position to have two jobs I adore.

Away from the lens my wife keeps me grounded and happy, my children keep me motivated and on my toes and my adorable French bulldog keeps me loved.


Contact me for more information by:

Telephone: 07917867511


Email: gemma.machell@yahoo.com


Visit: www.gemmamachellphotography.co.uk


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