Nothing beats the thrill of wearing a perfectly fitted suit that’s been made especially for you.


Bespoke clothing is a way to express your personality, and make a statement but throw away any preconceptions you may have about the world of traditional tailoring, Kerry at Goodrich Bespoke is at the vanguard of a new generation of young, dynamic, creative tailors. With over 20 years experience in tailoring, she can work with you to create a suit that reflects your style for your wedding day and many years to come.


The friendly studio in Wokingham is easily located with customers living throughout southern England.


If you’re new to bespoke, don’t worry, Kerry will guide you through the process step by step. She will help you to decide on the right style, fit, cloth, lining, trimming, and those all-important personal touches, so you will get an outfit that’s as individual as you to add to your wardrobe.


Each suit is made just for the client in the studio in Savile Row style. Bespoke - with a twist.


Kerry’s approach to the way she works is as fresh as her styling, and the difference is clear from the moment you step into her Wokingham studio.


To book an appointment for a bespoke consultation and general enquiries call 0118 979 3880, email or



For all alterations, feel free to pop in during opening times, no appointment needed.


Opening Hours

Mon - Friday
10am - 5pm

9am - 12pm



Please be aware email responses can take up to 48 hours as we are hard at work at our sewing machines. If you need an immediate response we do suggest calling us.

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