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Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers: Traditional Dress for Modern Grooms



Champions of Craftsmanship



In April 2009, Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers opened their flagship store in Canongate. Their mission was simple: to raise the standard for traditional handsewn kiltmaking. Home to the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy since 2016, GNK and its small team of independent kiltmakers have taken just one decade to win the hearts and minds of people who really know and love their kilts.

That Special Swing


So what’s their secret? GNK kilts are distinctive for the careful shaping that goes into every pleat to create an unrivalled fit. The proof is in the hang and the swing. The magic comes from the passion for heritage and craftsmanship that goes into every stitch.


Express Yourself


There’s a lot more to contemporary highlandwear than the Prince Charlie. GNK’s wide range of artisanal accessories and luxurious jackets channel the accumulated wisdom of several centuries of surprisingly diverse national dress - and provides plenty of opportunity for self-expression. Bespoke tailoring and tartan design services are a popular option with those seeking a truly unique look. Collaborations with fellow champions of Scottish craftsmanship produce collections that are both a little bit different and profoundly authentic.

Luxury Hires


GNK St Mary’s St shop is home to a high-end hire service that complements its sales offering. Exclusive tartans and a wide range of jackets and accessories afford an unusual degree of choice and a seriously polished finish. It’s a popular choice amongst groomsmen. Group discounts are available.


Exclusive Tartans


GNK is proud to offer five exclusive tartans: the John Muir Way, inspired by the coastal landscape of Dunbar, the commemorative Flodden, and the official tartans of Celtic Football Club, the Scotland National Team and the University of Edinburgh. Available for purchase and hire.

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