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Humble Grape is an East central London bar wedding venue with a unique twist and plenty of character… 


A location like no other


Our flagship wine bar is hidden in the original crypts – designed by the legendary Sir Christopher Wren – beneath St. Bride’s Church. Legend has it that the eye-catching steeple of St. Bride’s inspired the first ever tiered wedding cake (the name is also fitting, though only a coincidence). We’re not superstitious, but if we were, we’d call hosting a wedding under a church, named St. Bride’s, that inspired the first wedding cake… well, it sounds like a good sign to us.

A breath-taking venue


We’re humbly proud of our Fleet Street bar; it’s our space and there’s none like it. On a sunny day you can stand on our terrace and gaze up at the beautiful steeple of St. Bride’s, and inside is every bit as idiosyncratic and stylish (you can also tell we really like wine).


From the original double-vaulted crypts, to the warm wood floors and furniture, to the cork walls

and beautiful wine cellar, to the bright and inviting bar, to the cosy private dining room… Look, we could gush about our favourite space all day; we really recommend you come and see it for yourself.


We’d be delighted to show you around, drop us a line to let us know when’s a convenient time.

A true London affair


Fleet Street is right in the heart of the city: a stone’s throw from the Thames, in the shadow of St.Paul’s cathedral and well served by transport links.


At the bottom of St. Bride’s Passage, we get the best of both worlds – part of the pulse and hubbub of London, but quiet and peaceful, sheltered by the church and churchyard above.

Wine fit for a wedding


Wine shouldn’t be stressful – quite the opposite in fact. Sharing the love of wine is what we’re all about, and we love finding fantastic tipples to suit every occasion. We import our wines directly from growers and producers we love. That mean no middlemen, which means great value for money for you.


And because we only import from independent, boutique producers, many of our wines are exclusive to us – you can’t get them anywhere else in the UK.

For  more information or to arrange a showround contact us by:


Telephone: 020 7583 0688





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