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Elopement and wedding photography and videography

For the adventurous and wildly in love


I have been a photographer for many years in many different capacities. Whether it's a polaroid, a posh camera, or a phone, taking photos has held a special place in my heart, and I am always in awe of what a good photograph can do. Recently, I discovered that this passion also transferred to creating cinematic wedding films.

For me, photography and videography is about telling your story and capturing those moments which will otherwise get forgotten about or go unseen in the excitement of your day.

Capturing your wedding is one of the most important things I will do.

Your special day is the most important story I’ll tell


I care deeply about you and making you feel as comfortable as possible. I’m an introvert and understand what it’s like to not feel good in my own skin. That’s why my approach to working with you is all about being relaxed, kind, and building your confidence.

When you choose me as your photographer and/or videographer, you’re choosing someone who will laugh with you and cry (happy tears!) with you.

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