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If you’ve landed on the Orla McAndrew wedding catering page we will make a couple of assumptions; a) you’re getting married and b) you care about the food that’s served to your guests on your wedding day. If either of these is correct, you are in the right place!

"The people who give you their food, give you their heart" Cezar Chavez.

  For the past three years Orla McAndrew and her team have created bespoke, unique and inspired wedding menus based entirely on the desires and tastes of you, the couple. Food is an expression of love and what better occasion to share that love than on your wedding day?

We are about phenomenal food, exceptional service, opportunities to connect and the sheer and utter joy of creating food that really reflects our couples' personal taste and personality.


Proud supporter of Irish food producers, serving sensational food to reflect the season.

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Orla set up her wedding catering business in Cork and the surrounding Munster area to help brides and grooms create different and unique wedding days. Starting her business just over three years ago with little previous experience other than a willingness and ability to excite people with her food offering, Orla used to consider her lack of experience as a weakness. However, it has now been proven as her ultimate strength! Her desire to make sure your wedding catering and entire wedding day is perfect in every way has translated into complete focus and dedication to creating something so unforgettable for you and your guests!


“I put my whole self into making sure that you have your dream day exactly your way.”


Orla and her team have worked with a great many couples in those three years and each one of them has been completely blown away!

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Orla’s boundless passion for extraordinary food shines through in every tiny detail. From picking posies of beautiful wild Irish flowers from her own garden to creating new menus and recipes inspired by her clients, Orla’s business has flourished in recent years. With a degree in Business and Culinary Arts, a Diploma in Speciality Food Production (UCC) and a postgraduate Diploma in Food Marketing and Rural Development, her commitment to the provenance and quality of her food is unquestionable.


Orla McAndrew Catering is a catering service that goes above and beyond to ensure your expectations and hopes are exceeded, for each and every occasion. From weddings, dinner parties and family occasions to corporate catering and business events, Orla will devise a taste experience that leaves your guests happy, relaxed and coming back for more.


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