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Originally built in the 1830's, Swallows Oast is situated at Gibbs Reed Farm, East Sussex and has been well known as a banqueting hall since 1995.


Your ceremony will be held in the main hall, this area seats 100 guests with standing space in the gallery. There are many options of room layout for you to choose from along with your choice of music.


Swallows Oast has ample room to comfortably seat 100 guests downstairs and 30 upstairs for a meal prepared by our resident chef Russell Webb of Capers Catering. Russell will create a menu to suit your personal taste.


After the ceremony we will lay out all the tables and chairs leaving you plenty of room for the reception of your choice, using your own decorations and centre pieces.


Our premises holds a full licence until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays when you dance to live or recorded music.


Swallows trail offers a great opportunity for your photographer and a chance to enjoy the stunning rural surroundings.


Swallows Pavilion holds a full licence to perform a civil ceremony for those looking for an outside wedding.

Inside the Oast


The main hall showing the beautifully oak beamed ceiling, the minstrels gallery and pine floor, is approximately 17' wide and 38' long. The roundels at the far end of the building act as the main entrance into Swallows Oast. They also house a bar on the right hand side, with toilets and a semi-spiral stairway on the left.


Swallows Oast can cater for up to 130 people, seated comfortably. Its intimacy is an important part of its charm....


Once up the spiral stairway there is a spacious gallery. This can cater for extra tables, buffet layouts or just an area to overlook the proceedings. String quartets or other forms of musical accompaniment, before or during the meal, are popular options to create the atmosphere of your choice.


There are numerous permutations for seating, eating and entertainment for all occasions from banquets to buffets. Tables and chairs can be removed from the main hall, leaving plenty of space for entertainment, whether it be dancing to live or recorded music or anything you may have in mind. The premises is licensed until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Outside The Oast


Originally built in the 1830's, Swallows Oast is situated at Gibbs Reed Farm in the heart of rural Sussex.

It was converted to a banqueting hall in 1995, and as you will see its twin-kiln design has made this a delightful, unique building in which to hold your function. The character created by the sandstone & wooden structure evokes a medieval atmosphere - ideal for banquets, weddings and special occasions.


As part of our rural heritage, Swallows Oast is the ideal venue for your event at any time of the year.


The courtyard - bathed in sunshine during the summer - is a perfect entrance to receive your guests. There is ample off-road parking for all types of vehicle.

An adjoining marquee can be extended from the Oast to the Courtyard. This is an optional extra to create more space, especially during the winter months.


Barbecues and hog roasts are a popular feature, either served as your wedding breakfast or as an extra evening meal.

To arrange a viewing please contact our dedicated wedding co-ordinator on 


Telephone: 01580 200638






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