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The TDR experience is like no other, with the sole focus on making sure that every single bride

who walks through the doors had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is totally unique to them.


TDR prides itself on being accessible to every bride and offers a bespoke service

that fits you – your style, your personality, your ability, your size, your shape and your budget.


Enjoy one of our six private bridal suites, our 0% finance options and a whole range of additional services
including our team of in-house seamstresses and our cleaning and boxing service.


TDR is wheelchair accessible.
TDR is place where you can feel safe, comfortable and happy.
TDR is a magical place where you can truly be yourself.
Experience is everything!

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Please contact us to discuss your perfect day in more detail by:


Telephone: 0121 423 2777






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