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In their ninth year, and with a stash of industry awards under their belt, Vow Bridal are the most experienced and decorated wedding boutique in the area. They have a beautiful boutique in Wansford, Cambridgeshire and cater for both brides and grooms. With the emphasis on the personal touch, Vow want to make sure you have the most positive experience when you visit. This means that whoever you are and however you choose to utilise their skills and products, they will accommodate you! For instance, Vow are experienced in dealing with same sex couples visiting their boutique and ensuring brides don’t choose the same dress, or guys wanting matching or contrasting suits, and/or females wearing ‘mens’ suits.



On a practical level Vow are used to dealing with 2 brides who maybe don’t want to see each other’s dresses but want to ensure cohesion throughout the overall look. Lisa will ensure the dress that one bride has chosen is taken from the rails when her partner visits to avoid any couples choosing the same dress! She is discreet but will ensure continuity of style for both brides and work with you on the overall vision.

“It’s all about the detail!” says Lisa Smith, owner of Vow Bridal. “Even if that detail is in fact the simplest cleanest of lines, it’s what makes a dress personal to the bride that is important”.


And with Vow Bridal seeing so many different brides each year they’ve needed to keep their wedding dress collection varied. So much so they introduced some new cleaner lined fitted dresses by US bridal house ‘Theia’. Lisa says these dresses have allowed Vow to use their creativity by teaming the dresses with various overlays or adding lace to the dress to personalise them to the individual bride. “Having extremely talented seamstresses means we can offer to do something fairly small but which makes all the difference to the overall look of a dress, so that has been a successful achievement for us”.


And for the brides who want more pattern to their dresses Vow have very recently added Australian designers ‘Madi Lane’ to their collection. Madi Lane are known for their extremely detailed fabrics and floaty skirts. “Having only had our new collection on our rails for a week we can already see the buzz around these dresses” enthused Lisa. “I keep finding new details, whether that be organic floral embroidery, or hidden subtle sparkle, the longer I look at a dress – it’s such a unique type of design” says Lisa.


On top of all that, Vow are long standing stockists of ‘Kenneth Winston’ dresses. Well known for form fitting dresses with amazing structure, there are of course many different styles available from lace to detailed beading.


Vow are experienced in dealing with male partners visiting the boutique together who want coordinating suits but still want to retain their own individuality. Vow will work with you to match or contrast full suits, or match/contrast specific details such as ties or waistcoats.


Vow have also worked with females wanting to wear modern mohair or tweed suits usually styled for men. A close working relationship with a local tailor means that men’s suits can be tailored to women’s bodies to bridge the gap between getting the style you want with the correct fit.


Vow Menswear are seeing more grooms opt for patterned Liberty print ties and pocket squares, or different waistcoats to stand out from the rest of the gang. “We love the fact the guys are paying attention to the small details which make their look different to other grooms” said Dave, joint owner of Vow Bridal. “Tweed is very big at the moment and we’ve added a number of tweed suits to the Vow Collection for hire which team nicely with our variety of tan shoes and detailed ties. We’ve even added some tweed flat caps for the cool groom, and we can’t forget the matching dog bow ties we do for any pampered pooches who are also invited to the ceremony!”.


Vow have multiwrap dresses by leading designers ‘Eliza & Ethan’ and ‘Goddess By Nature’. The main principle behind these dresses is that they are perfect for different personalities and body shapes of your bridesmaids. They are one dress which can be wrapped in many different styles to suit the individual. They are predominantly all one size and are so versatile. The dresses come in a range of different colours and can be re-worn in such a different style people will never know you’re wearing your bridesmaids dress again!

Goddess By Nature.jpg
Eliza & Ethan, Mulberry 2.jpg
Goddess By Nature, sequins.jpg

So, for that specific advice on the personal details for your wedding outfits, Lisa and Dave at Vow Bridal are your proven experts! Contact them on:


Telephone : 01780 783607





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